Evernote – electronic notebook

I like paper. I love paper planners and notebooks. As a result, it means I have paper piles all over the place. My boss discovered an app of an electronic notebook called Evernote.  You can access Evernote on the web and on your mobile devices. Best part is there is a free version!

I was intrigued with the site at work so I installed it on my phone and computer. Soon I was creating “notebooks” for the church committees I am involved with, a rolling to do list and craft ideas. It is very convenient. No more paper lists. I’ve scanned in documents for committees so I don’t have to carry paper around with me all the time.

You can even record audio and capture website links too. I have over 20 notebooks and over 400 individual notes. It is a wonderful online, electronic filing cabinet of sorts. And of course if I no longer need a note or notebook, it can be deleted. Poof! Just like that. Check it out. Just go to www.evernote.com and give it a whirl. Let me know what you think.

Yippee! Toodledo!

I love lists. I make lists of the dishes for Thanksgiving that everyone will bringing. I make a list of everyone we buy Christmas gifts for. I have a standing list of what to pack for our annual beach vacation. And yes, i even make lists for things I need to do around the house. All the lists but the house list will be completely checked off. The house list is always a work in progress.

As you know I love paper for planners and lists, but I was introduced to this electronic list keeper called Toodledo (www.toodledo.com). It has a website and app for your mobile devices. Honestly, the website on my computer is better for creating new tasks with a lot of detail than the mobile app. But the mobile app is handy when out and about and I need a reminder of where I need to go or items to pick up.

You can add tasks and assign a due date, if it needs to be repeated and how often, and you can even create folders for the tasks and you can give it a number priority.

It also has tabs for Notes, Outlines, Lists and Habits. As I clean up my master bedroom I am finding many books that I have been meaning to read and haven’t done it yet. So in the notes section i will make a list of the books I am going to read this year.

The website and app are free – yay! And you can use it with as much detail as you want or just list tasks without a specific priority.

Toodledo has a look that appeals to me. I have tried lots of electronic list makers in the past and this one I keep coming back to this one over and over again. Maybe it will work for you.

LOVE wreath

As a scrapbooker I am subscribed to Michael’s Arts & Crafts email blasts. Usually I just click to get the coupons and that’s it. This one email caught my attention. A Valentine wreath. I know we are past Valentine’s Day, but this month got crazy real fast and I really wanted to share what I accomplished craft wise this month. There were just a few supplies needed: red, white and pink tulle, styrofoam wreath, wood letters, paint, and hot glue gun.

wreath with instructions

For the most part it as easy to do, but I had trouble with the knot they wanted me to do. Being impatient, I improvised. I still got the desired look and it is still holding.

love letters with hershey

As you can see, my cat Hershey, wanted to help me with the painting.

I really enjoyed putting it together. I decided I will make one for St. Patrick’s Day. I plan on using green, white and orange tulle. Orange is for my Protestant family – Props!  I decided the word I am going to use is LUCKY painted in green. I’ll let you know how that one goes.

love tulle wreath

The finished project!  I added a ribbon to hang it from a nail outside my house.  It has stayed together for a couple of weeks outside in this cold weather. I have what I need for St. Patrick’s Day…hmmmm Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July.  Ooooh, the ideas are starting to brew now.

Have you been crafty during this cold weather? Show me what you made.

Gray is the New Black

Gray as a color I think has now become a “standard” color to have in your wardrobe. It now falls in the Basics category with black, chocolate brown, and navy blue. If you’re expecting more fashion insight you need to look elsewhere. That’s about as fashion insightful as I get.

I have worn gray quite a bit this month. I guess that’s where this prompt came from. I have realized in the past few months that I have a gray outlook on life. There are a few things that I feel “black and white” about. You know, absolutes – no middle ground.

For opinions, being gray may be fine, but I am noticing it doesn’t work for accomplishing tasks. There is no gray, or middle ground,  you either do the task or not. If you do the task you must do it the best you can. There is no gray; no “good enough.” I have lived most of my life “good enough.” It never really bothered me too much before. Probably because I didn’t think of it much before. Why should I? Well, I am older and it is bothering me now. I am working on doing the best I can in each task. Each detail matters – I need to care. How can I expect others to do things for me with care if I can’t reciprocate?

It’s not easy moving from gray. Gray is comfortable. I need to keep pushing through it. Keep pushing to black..or chocolate brown or navy blue.

Look What I Made! A Button Snowflake

In a previous post I mentioned that I was breaking out of my rut.  My creative juices are flowing again. I feel excited! The crafts I take on are pretty simple for the most part. The skill level isn’t important to me. What was most important to me was just completing a project.

button snowflake


  • Canvas/shadow box/picture frame – I used a shadow box
  • Buttons – I used one light blue and the others are dark blue
  • Hot glue gun

I used a larger light blue button for the center of the snowflake. Then I placed the buttons for each arm of the snowflake to get the alignment right. Remember, I’m crooked :)  Then I hot glued one button at a time. Wala! A snowflake.

This is a great craft idea to do with kids. You don’t have to use blue – if you or the kids want to use red, yellow or many different colors for the buttons, go for it!

Craft, decorate, enjoy!  Remember, each snowflake is unique – just like YOU.

Take Risks

I have a twitter account, but I rarely post on it and read it.  I’m more of a Facebook gal. When I do go to Twitter, the primary tweets that catch my eye and I mark as a favorite are from @ozlifeadvice.  I saw this tweet the other day and it spoke to me: “Take risks. Try new things.  You didn’t bring anything when you were born, you’re not going to take anything when you go. So be fearless!”

Somehow over time I lost motivation to try new things, to accomplish personal goals.  As we ended 2014 and began 2015 I was feeling the need to change. Finally, the urge to write overpowered the stuck in a rut feeling I’d been having.  Bit by bit I started putting thoughts on paper and lo and behold full posts started coming out of me. Losing my friend last week put a sense of urgency in me.

Life is short. Anything can happen.  Then I came across this tweet. How true! We bring nothing with us into this world and we take nothing with us as we leave this life. Why worry? Why doubt our abilities? I feel like writing so I will. Will I win a Pulitzer? Will I be published? Who knows? Does it matter? In the grand scheme of things it does not.

I have a writing project I’ve been toying with for a few years. This year it will get finished.

What have you been putting off that you want to do? Let me know. Go for it!


Cancer SUCKS.

braincancer ribbon

Cancer SUCKS.  I lost a friend yesterday. Garnet Stevens II. Yes,he was a second. His father’s name is Garnet and passed it on to his son. We would tease him about that in college. We went to college together. He was a couple of years ahead of me and we were both involved in campus media.  He had a radio show on the campus radio station and he also got involved with the campus television station where I was involved. He hosted a talk show we had and he also hosted a serious news magazine show we did too.  When I met him I thought, “Wow! He looks like Ferris Bueller!”  Then I got to know him and thought, “Wow!  He IS Ferris Bueller.”  He was hilarious, kind and truly a sweet person. He fought brain cancer for four years. He started a blog to keep friends and family updated on his illness and to record as much of his life as he could. He was afraid he’s lose the ability to speak. His blog reached 250,000 hits at its peak. It became a source of inspiration and hope to people from all over the country and the world. It was done here on WordPress. You may have heard of it “Thinking Clearly.” The blog came down a few months ago I believe. Just a couple of weeks ago a mutual friend messaged me and said that Garnet’s wife was looking into hospice for him. The cancer had moved into his spinal fluid and chemo was not going to help. The end was near.

His blog generated a lot of attention and as a result he was asked to do quite a few interviews. In one interview he recounted how he was told that where his initial tumors were in his brain could affect his ability to speak and his sense of humor.  His reaction was all he had was his ability to speak and his sense of humor. He used those gifts to bring awareness of the effects of cancer on the patient and his family as well as to encourage, raise money for prevention and treatments and let others know they are not alone. He was a man of faith. He held onto his faith throughout his illness.  His motto was Keep the Faith.

There was a time when this news would have sent me into a dark, depressive tailspin. I have learned over the years ways to handle my grief and sadness. I cried. I posted the news and my feelings on social media and grieved online with friends. Then I did laundry. What else could I do? Taking to my bed and wailing would have been totally selfish and accomplish absolutely nothing. I prayed. I asked God to comfort his wife and sons and his family. I thanked God for Garnet’s life and the joy he brought to the world.

Garnet used his gifts to deal with his disease. I must use my talents to handle my sadness. So I am writing this post. I also have the urge to do a walk for the American Cancer Society. Today I will see what events are happening in my area. I’ll create Team Garnet and raise money to find a cure for this dreadful disease. These things will not erase my grief. Only time can hep with that. In the mean time I’ll keep writing and Keep the Faith.

This is the interview I mentioned earlier with my friend Garnet Stevens http://youtu.be/n21Qmot7AjQ?list=FLRgD9i3SKFN0NZnF0hVEZFQ