Create Your Cover

You know from my last post that I love the Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP). One of the reasons I do is their interchangeable covers. That’s right. You can order separate covers and change whenever your little heart desires. You can have covers for the seasons, your mood, favorite colors, etc.

I didn’t think I would want to change my cover out much. But then I ordered a cover with a butterfly. Well, that was it. I was hooked. Oh and they had a buy one get one free cover sale as well. I bought three. Why didn’t I get four? There wasn’t anything that was screaming at me, “I have to have this cover ASAP.”

My first cover was the mint green seahorse cover. You can personalize it with your name, family name or quote. I chose my first name and then Yoda’s best known line. “Do or do not – there is no try.” When I ordered that I really needed to hear that quote. I still do.

seahorse cover

The past couple of months I have been feeling like I am going through some sort of change. Midlife crisis maybe? I didn’t get a sports car or run off with my secretary. I am my secretary. So for my next cover I chose a single butterfly. It seems to be becoming my personal symbol. A butterfly is a symbol of change. Change can be frightening, so it is important to remember that change can be good. The results can be just beautiful. So what if you have an ugly start? You can have an incredible breathtaking ending.

butterfly cover

I also got one about being thankful. Happy people aren’t thankful. Thankful people are happy. No matter what happens in life, be thankful and be happy.

thankful people

The three I ordered from the BOGO sale were: a quote on strength from their collection for breast cancer awareness month; my Halloween cover, I’m not a big fan of Halloween but I thought this cover was really cool looking, and third one was so the adventure begins. This one refers to my blog.

skull crossbone halloween cover strength cover and so advernture begins

I am spending more time writing and deciding what kind of blog I want to have. Do I want this to be a hobby? Do I want it to make money? I also have been thinking of a business that would be on Etsy. More to come on that. No, it has nothing to do with planners. Shocking, right?

It is very easy to change out the covers. You get a postcard with each order and there is video on the website as well. Do it once and then you know what to do from then on.

I am already thinking of some more covers to create.  Have fun creating and happy planning!


I think I found the one

You know how much I love planners. I keep bouncing between paper and electronic…Cozi and Google Calendar…Arc, Filofax, Erin Condren Life Planner, Day Planner, etc….I’m not entirely what happened to my thinking, but one day I pulled out my 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner which I had stopped using again. I decided to start filling in appointments again. I had gotten a new 31 purse and the ECLP fit in the bag perfectly. Walah!

I have been using the ECLP daily now for a couple of months. The 2015 one I had ended in August so I ordered one that started September 2015 and goes through to August 2016. In this new version there was one significant change which I am just thrilled about. The days are broken into three sections. Last year’s version the sections were Morning, Day, Evening. The new version the days are still broken into three sections, but now there are no labels. You can make them be whatever you want them to be! What a novel idea.

The format that I have been doing and seems to work pretty well for me is: Appointments, To Do, Miscellaneous. I recently ordered some customized stickers from for the three sections and they are: appointments, to do, blog. The stickers should be here in a couple of days. I am so excited! I will post a new pic when they arrive.

Below is a shot of a previous week. I added washi tape around the borders of the pages. I used Cross washi tape to mark our time in Church; green and white polka dot tape for the Eagles game; a yellow sticker that came with the planner for our Choir practice.


You’ll see some of the appointments are highlighted. I tried over the years to assign each of us a color for appointments in my planner, but it doesn’t really matter. If there is a really important appointment or something I need to do specific for an appointment then I highlight it. I also circle tasks that need to be done so they grab my attention.

This definitely seems to be the planner for me right now. I love how I can personalize it so much right now. And did I mention that the covers are interchangeable? No? Well, that will be another post. Are you intrigued by what you see? Check out Erin Condren Life Planners for all the planners they offer: teachers, wedding planners, notebooks.

If you want to get one for your own, click on  Kristine’s referral link and let me know what you decided to get. 

Happy Planning!

There is Always Something You Can Do to Make a Difference

This post is in reaction to the mass shooting at an Oregon college and the TWO shootings that occurred TODAY in colleges. Recent comments made by a particular Presidential candidate have my head reeling and wanting to scream from the roof top “This man is a moron!” What can we do? What can I do? I can write. So I drafted the letter below and sent it to my state and federal representatives. It’s a step. Those of us who identify themselves as “moderate” need to make our voices heard nice and loud and get some changes made. Feel free to copy and personalize for your experiences and location. Together we can make a difference.

Dear Governor, Senator, Representative,

My name is Kristine  and I am a life long resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, volunteer and I am fed up with these mass shootings in public places. Fortunately, my daughter’s school has not been affected YET, but I know I could get a district wide call any day. There is no more thinking “This can’t happen in my neighborhood or school.” This most certainly can happen in our school district. It can happen anywhere.

I am stunned that lawmakers cannot agree on fair, comprehensive state and federal laws regarding the purchasing and ownership of guns. I thought for sure after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School there would be massive change. It is mind boggling to realize that absolutely nothing has changed.

Some recent comments from elected officials and hopefuls that more guns are the answer or that victims can rush their attacker has proven drastically wrong again. Today, Friday, October 9th, 2015 there were two more reports of multiple people being shot at colleges. The one in Arizona looks like it started out as a fight between fraternities. NRA wants and encourages lawmakers to allow open carry everywhere. An 18 year old student had a gun on him and he chose to fire the gun as a way to end this meaningless dispute between two groups. 18 years old. He took the life of another human being. How does one recover from that? His future plans are now dashed. Instead his foreseeable future will most likely involve lawyers, prison cells and appearances in court. Not to mention having to face his surviving victims and the family of the individual whose life he ended. Does the NRA offer counseling or tips on how to hand a criminal shooting afterwards? No, they will be nowhere to be found.

I am one person, but I am taking a stand and asking you to support common sense legislation that should include the following measures:

  1. A mandatory, comprehensive, federal background check law for gun purchasers. If someone has been convicted of a gun-related offense it would show up in the check and that person should be denied a purchase.
  2. Federal background checks must be made mandatory for sales between private individuals or at gun shows. I have a feeling that many of the perpetrators of these mass shootings  did not purchase all of their weapons at their local gun shop. I am sure many of the purchases were made privately.
  3. The CDC, Center for Disease Control, must be allowed to track and study the affects of gun deaths. This is a health issue. I bet if there were formal research and reports being made a trend would be seen in the types of situations the use of a gun would be prominent.
  4. Gun stores need to be made accountable to show the number of weapons they sell each year as well as who they sell to. There are lists for people who buy cars, tools, appliances, electronics, etc. Retailers have records of how much product they sell and where that product gets sold. Guns are a product and should be regulated the same way.Daniel Webster, a public health expert at Johns Hopkins University, notes that in 1999, the government listed the gun stores that had sold the most weapons later linked to crimes. The gun store at the top of the list was so embarrassed that it voluntarily took measures to reduce its use by criminals — and the rate at which new guns from the store were diverted to crime dropped 77 percent. But in 2003, Congress barred the government from publishing such information. Why on earth should that information not be shared? This retailer did a good thing and improved the way he ran his business and it had a major impact on local crime. This is a good thing.
  5. There should be a 10-year prohibition on possessing guns for anyone convicted of domestic violence, assault or similar offenses.

We do not need another debate about this topic. We need real answers and real results. I did not vote the NRA into office I voted you. If you cannot support new gun legislation then I will be looking for a new candidate when it is time for you to run for office again.

PicMonkey & Dancing

The past couple of weeks I have been playing with PicMonkey. If you are not familiar with it, you can add text, design and such to photographs. Since I have been on restricted movement with my broken ankle I have had some free time to play with it.

It is still a learning process for me, but adding some text is pretty easy to do. I access it from the website There has been quite a bit of bad news over the last few days so I thought I would post a pic I edited and it seems appropriate.

lighthouse psalm 433

And here’s a little video that has gone viral to really lighten the mood. Don’t fret…Just Shut Up and Dance!

The Most Hated Fans in the NFL

In honor of Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp getting underway this week, I decided to write a little something about my home town football team. Philadelphia Eagles fans have been named the most hated fans in the NFL (National Football League). My response? Thank you.

I was raised a Philadelphia Eagles fan. My grandparents lived in Southwest Philadelphia and my father was a season ticket holder through most of the 70’s and the early 80’s. Sundays during football season, when the Birds were home, my father was at Veterans Stadium ALL DAY. Even when there was an afternoon game, Dad left early Sunday morning with a cooler filled with beverages, small charcoal grill and a meat of some sort. He would meet up with friends and they would tailgate for hours then go into the game.

Philadelphians seem to be known for two things: tailgating for sport and music events are legendary and our phans are well phanatic. We are vocal. We let our teams know when they are doing well and we certainly let them know when we they are not.

I liken it to a family scenario. In a family you can speak smack about each other, but if someone on the outside starts to bad mouth the players, then the gloves are off.  We are protective of our teams, especially the Eagles. The 700 level of Veterans Stadium was notorious for foul language and intoxicated fans. As a little kid I would ask my Dad to take me to a game and he always refused. He would flat out say that it was no place for a child, especially a young girl.

Eagles fans are loud, obnoxious and it is very clear where we stand. We are not fond of the New York Giants and the loathing we feel for the Dallas Cowboys, I think by this point, is just genetic. Not only do parents educate their young children about this fierce rivalry, but even new players to the team have to learn the history as well.

We appreciate players who do their best; who go out to practices and games and give their 100%. Call us egotistical, but we like it when the players acknowledge the fans and our enthusiasm. And when a player starts bad mouthing the city and the fans, well, their time in the City of Brotherly Love will be short lived. Just ask Terell Owens.

I have a daughter and I have raised her to be an Eagles fan. When she was a toddler we would play the game “So Big.”  I would take her hands, clap them together and lift them up and say “Soooo big.” Then I decided to change it up a bit. When I raised her arms I would say, “Touchdown!” So as a proud mama my baby girl could say Touchdown in her early vocabulary.

We have taken her to pre-season games and last year I took her to an Open Practice during Training Camp. It is a bonding experience which I love. Of course, now that she is a tween she likes to get me going by saying she is rooting for the Cowboys. I have told her in no uncertain terms that she is NOT allowed to root for the Cowboys. No way no how.

We’re from Philly after all. We have a rep to protect.

eagle logo

P.S. If you bring up Eagles fans and Santa – it was over thirty years ago. And the young man who was dressed as Santa never took it personally. He knew the fans were angry at the team and the general economic climate of the time. He was fine taking a few snowballs. Let. It. Go.


We went to Hawaii on a family vacation and I came home with a broken foot. Except I didn’t know I had a broken foot. I thought I had a bad sprain or at worse a torn tendon/ligament. You see, Thursday, June 26 around 8:15 am Hawaii time I stepped off the curb to cross the street to get to our hotel and my left foot bent the wrong way and I fell in the street. I landed in the street right before the light changed and cars started coming. I was hysterical. All I kept saying was “I can’t believe this happened. I can’t believe I did this.” My ankle was throbbing. In the moment I thought perhaps it was broken.

Eventually, Hubby and another person helped me to the curb and then lifted me onto a bench. Not only did I do a number on my foot, but I also scraped up both my knees and took a layer of skin off my pinkie toe and it was bleeding.

To shorten things up a bit, 911 was called and I was checked out. There was no immediate bruising or swelling of the foot so I made the decision to not go to the emergency room. We continued on with the rest of our vacation with me hobbling around, taking ibuprofen and icing my foot when possible.

Once we came home I used an ankle brace to stabilize it. My ankles are wobbly anyway. When I do not wear shoes with support my ankles fall inwards. But after two and half weeks I decided to make an appointment to get it checked out because the pain was starting to get worse instead of better. By week 3 I had had an x-ray and MRI. The results were in: I had a fractured bone, damaged ligaments and inflammation around the tendons. I had quality and quantity of issues.

Today I am in a boot with crutches. I will be in the boot for four weeks. I am just a couple days away from end of week 1. It is going to be challenging. I need to use crutches to get around which inhibits my ability to get around and do chores. The upside to the situation is I am writing more. The ole creative juices are flowing. It is frustrating. There is so much I want to do and I am just not able to do it right now. However, I am thankful. I am thankful for excellent medical care, health insurance, and the ability to get around with crutches. I am also thankful for Hubby and Daughter and others who have helped and will help me over the next few weeks.

It’s a challenge right now. I am sure I will learn some lessons. And get more material for the blog.

Kristine boot 2015-07

5 Things I Like To Do While Camping

  1. Sleeping outside. We like to tent camp and there is nothing like waking up in the morning to the feel and smell of the morning air.
  2. Campfire. Where else can you have a campfire first thing in the morning as well as at night? Roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, even macaroni and cheese.
  3. Walking through the campground admiring other sites. I love seeing other styles of tents and I really love looking at campers. My parents had a Coleman Camper when I was kid. So seeing campers brings back lots of childhood memories.
  4. Quiet time. Camping is the one activity where I can, we all can, be quiet. We don’t need our phones, internet, or Skype. We can actually have conversations and that be enough.
  5. Hiking. Typically, I am not much of a hiker. My husband loves to hike. When he was single a vacation for him was packing a backpack and spending days hiking portions of the Appalachian Trail. Me? Well, I am more of a day hiker, where the trail is paved and clearly marked. I do enjoy sleeping in a tent. When we do go camping, I look forward to hiking through the local state park especially if it has waterfalls. I love waterfalls.

What are some things you like to do while camping?

family tent             NY creek     campfire