Hello world!

example of crookedness

See? I can’t even tell where the middle is on this canvas to hook the ribbon and hang it on the door. I’m leaving it this way at the suggestion of a kind soul. It’s me, right?

Crooked with a Ruler.  Interesting title isn’t it?  Well, I am graphically challenged.  I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler and cannot hang picture frames on a wall straight.

I used to get really frustrated with myself about my crookedness, but now I embrace it and accept it as one of  my “quirks.”  Turning 40 will do that to you.  Things that bothered you in your 20s and even 30s seem to go to the way side.  I have decided they just aren’t worth the energy.  Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t try to improve myself, but I accept that things take time to improve and there are some aspects I will just not grasp.  My life motto is “Learn to be who you ARE, and let go of all the things you are not.”  I found that lovely quote in an organization book.  I have it on a post it note on my bedroom mirror and you can find it in my email signature as well.

I also like the idea of Crooked With a Ruler on a spiritual level.  I’m a Christian and in the past couple of years I have started doing in-depth bible studies with a local community bible study group.  The Ruler in my title is Jesus and well, I can be Crooked.  Even with my faith and study, I still fall short.  Of course, that is par with being human and unlike my physical rulers that I toss aside in frustration, I keep returning to my Spiritual Ruler and asking, and at times, begging for His help.

I always loved reading and writing back in the day and my creative juices seemed to have dried up.  But now with the impending big 4-0 and my grandmother’s illness I am realizing that I don’t want to waste another minute.  If there is something I want to do then I just need to do it.  So I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while.  I came up with themes for Monday through Friday; I have read some online tips on setting up a blog; found a neat place to type ideas in an electronic notebook even on the iPad.  So this is my entry into the blog world.  Bear with me in the beginning.  I look forward to your feedback and ideas.  Let the Creativity flow!

Monday – encouragement for the week

Tuesday – family/household tips

Wednesday – Something fun mid-week

Thursday – Scrapbooking/craft

Friday – How do you unwind?


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Congratulations on a great start. Loved the post about Nannie. She was a special part of your family. Glad I got to know her as a kid, a teen, and an adult. May God’s peace become yours.


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