What to do with all those pictures?

Remember when we used to have physical film in our cameras? We would have to wait days to get our pictures back from the developer? Now, we have digital cameras and photo printers for our homes.  If you are like you have a shoe box or two or dozen with paper prints in them and you would love to get them in an album.  I am right there with you.

It can be a very overwhelming task but with the scrapbooking blogs and magazines I read I think I have an idea that just might work for me.  First of all, I don’t have to save every single picture.  Or at least, I don’t have to put every picture in an album.  If there are pictures I want to save but not interested in adding to a layout I can leave in a photo archival safe box with a divider stating details of the event: what, when and even a brief why.  I think my new thing to do is just do albums based on themes.  For instance, I have a Christmas album that has some pages from the past couple of years and I plan on adding layouts from this coming Christmas to them.  You could do a Birthdays, Vacation, School albums.  And for those special, once in a lifetime events, do a single album.  Better yet, for current pictures you take with a digital camera, I would highly suggest start doing digital photobooks.  Many retailers and photo websites offer them.  And this time of year you will start seeing some great deals and specials on them.  I’ll write more on that another week.

But for this week – don’t freak out.  Put your pics in categories and then select an album for that category and get scrappin’!



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