Just as easy as A, B, C

Thursday – Craft/Scrapbooking Day

The best organizing tips I have ever heard or acted upon for scrapbooking comes from Tiffany Spaulding of www.thescraprack.com.  I have taken her class at Creating Keepsakes Convention as well as her online Challenges.  The best thing I learned from her was how to seperate all my items – paper, pens, embellishments, stamps, die cuts, etc.  She has a very simple 4 section system:

The 4 Sections

  1. Alphabets, Numbers and Punctuation
  2. Themes A to Z (school, church, vacation, beach, animals, pets, scouts, sports, etc)
  3. The Calendar (Jan through December including seasons)
  4. The Rainbow (ROYGBIV is a great way to start)

The main idea is to sort like items together.  All of my red items are together; all my animal stuff is together.  It makes making a page or a card sooooo much easier.

To learn more and take one of her online classes, head over to www.thescraprack.com and check out all her awesome products as well!

And since I didn’t post a video yesterday, I came across one of my all time favorite scenes from The West Wing (how I miss this show!).  Ainsley, this is everyone, everyone meet Ainsley.



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