Paper calendars, electronic calendars, oh my!

Wall, desk, spiral, binder, electronic, pocket.  So many choices of calendars to choose from.  You can get them for free, for a dollar or spend a hundred dollars on a system.  I have to admit I maintain 3 calendars at one time.  Each time I get rid of one I go through withdrawal and I need to start it back up again.  I told you I needed help.

I have a family wall calendar, a calendar on my iPhone 4 and a paper planner that I can take with me to meetings and such.  I am not confident in digital systems enough to have my entire family’s schedules solely on a computer/phone.  What if the system crashes or worse yet we lose power and my phone/tablet are not charged.  But then I like the idea of having it on a phone or tablet so I don’t have to carry around a paper calendar in my bag.

Our family wall calendar is from  it hangs in the kitchen close to our main phone.  the boxes are large enough to write our appointments in them.  With this calendar, I use highlighters for each of us: pink – daughter, yellow – me, orange – hubby.

wall calendar

Electronic calendars.  My current phone is an iPhone 4 and comes with a calendar.  I have also used which is a free family organizer app.  It has a calendar, shopping list, to do list and journal.  When I access Cozi on my desktop I can save recipes and create a meal plan.  That is really cool and helpful.  However, I have stopped using it and started just concentrating on a 5×7 3-ring binder paper planner.  Then I got this…

Google Nexus 7 tablet

For Mother’s Day hubby surprised me with a Google Nexus 7 tablet.  This thing is SWEET! I can download apps, music, movies, etc.  With this tablet I have started using Google Calendar and when I set it to display one week at a time I can see all my appointments and events at once.  I am really liking the look of that.  I can update it on my desktop and color code the appointments for each of us.  Then today in the mail I received a brand new planner, the Planner Pad, which I found out about from another blogger, Aby from  She wrote an article about it called “Finding the Best Planner.”

Planner Pad

I chose the planner that starts this July, just in time for my daughter’s summer camps and our family vacations.  Sigh.  I just went through it with a pencil and wrote in the appointments and events we already have scheduled as well as time off from school for the coming school year.  Yes, I know, this school year isn’t over yet and I have all the days marked off for the coming year.  Actually, having them on the calendar now really helps with any advanced family planning we may do.  If I find out someone is getting married or my in-laws would like to take a family trip somewhere I can start figuring out alternatives if needed to my daughter’s school schedule.

Ideally, I am thinking one electronic calendar and one paper calendar should be sufficient.  Our wall calendar goes to December of this year I believe.  I’ll see how I like using Planner Pad to determine if I need to order another wall calendar.  If I prefer the Planner Pad then this will be the new family calendar for hubby and daughter to check when making plans.  I guess I will need to keep our desk clear.  But that is a whole other topic to discuss.

So what kind of planner, calendar do you prefer and why?


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