Family Fun

I am happy to write today that I am feeling much better.  I am not sure what brought on this recent patch of the “downers,”  but I am rebounding.  I am getting tasks accomplished off my to-do list, I just finished reading an amazing book Brain on Fire, which I will write about more in detail later, and I am taking control of my calendar (all of them) 🙂
Anyway, I wanted to write something fun.  So I thought of something fun my family likes to do a few times a year and maybe you are looking for something interesting that the kids won’t hate 🙂  Theme Dinners.  It started a few years ago as an idea to get rid of the winter doldrums.  My parents have a pool in their backyard where we spend our Sundays during the summer and we wanted desperately do that in February.  So we had a Winter Sucks dinner.  We came dressed in summer clothes and ate summer food: hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, etc.  We even took a picture outside by the pool.
We live in Phillies Country so at least twice a year (more if they are having a good season) we all wear our favorite Phillies gear and have a baseball themed dinner – hot dogs, chips, baked beans – good ole fashioned baseball park food.  We have also done Philly meals of cheesesteaks and tastykakes for dessert.  Not familiar with tastykake’s?  Check them out here
These are simple dinners and the kids LOVE them (and the adults too)!  It is something we look forward to every year.  You can do the same thing wherever you live.  Does your family have a favorite team they root for?  Hey, even if it is one of the kids’ teams even better.  Is there a food or snack that is really a local cuisine?  Celebrate that.
It is so fun, inexpensive and it brightens everyone day.  And with the ongoing slam of bad news that we seem to be bombarded with, levity and smiles are in need now more than ever.  Enjoy!
Winter Sucks 2008

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