Healing in Process – follow up

Prayer works!  I had a great appointment the other day with my hand doctor.  After looking at the most recent MRI, we decided the best course of action was a steroid shot.  The pain I have been experiencing is on the top part of my wrist or the dorsal area.  He called that pain “noise.”  The thinking is to quiet that “noise” and determine the source of the pain.  While doing his examination he pressed on something called a pique tendon and I experienced pain.  If the shot takes care of the dorsal pain and when I go back in a month, if that tendon area is still sore, that is our culprit and that can be taken care of surgically.

I am already feeling a huge relief from the dorsal pain, but still wear my wrist brace most of the day.  I do not want to over use it or aggravate it.  I am also being careful of that tendon spot.  I do not want to make that worse either.

Regardless, I feel so much better and much more optimistic and have renewed faith that prayer works and my healing is truly underway.  God works in His own way and timing.

I will keep you posted and my next entry will be more fun and easy going.  🙂


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