Gray is the New Black

Gray as a color I think has now become a “standard” color to have in your wardrobe. It now falls in the Basics category with black, chocolate brown, and navy blue. If you’re expecting more fashion insight you need to look elsewhere. That’s about as fashion insightful as I get.

I have worn gray quite a bit this month. I guess that’s where this prompt came from. I have realized in the past few months that I have a gray outlook on life. There are a few things that I feel “black and white” about. You know, absolutes – no middle ground.

For opinions, being gray may be fine, but I am noticing it doesn’t work for accomplishing tasks. There is no gray, or middle ground,  you either do the task or not. If you do the task you must do it the best you can. There is no gray; no “good enough.” I have lived most of my life “good enough.” It never really bothered me too much before. Probably because I didn’t think of it much before. Why should I? Well, I am older and it is bothering me now. I am working on doing the best I can in each task. Each detail matters – I need to care. How can I expect others to do things for me with care if I can’t reciprocate?

It’s not easy moving from gray. Gray is comfortable. I need to keep pushing through it. Keep pushing to black..or chocolate brown or navy blue.


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