LOVE wreath

As a scrapbooker I am subscribed to Michael’s Arts & Crafts email blasts. Usually I just click to get the coupons and that’s it. This one email caught my attention. A Valentine wreath. I know we are past Valentine’s Day, but this month got crazy real fast and I really wanted to share what I accomplished craft wise this month. There were just a few supplies needed: red, white and pink tulle, styrofoam wreath, wood letters, paint, and hot glue gun.

wreath with instructions

For the most part it as easy to do, but I had trouble with the knot they wanted me to do. Being impatient, I improvised. I still got the desired look and it is still holding.

love letters with hershey

As you can see, my cat Hershey, wanted to help me with the painting.

I really enjoyed putting it together. I decided I will make one for St. Patrick’s Day. I plan on using green, white and orange tulle. Orange is for my Protestant family – Props!  I decided the word I am going to use is LUCKY painted in green. I’ll let you know how that one goes.

love tulle wreath

The finished project!  I added a ribbon to hang it from a nail outside my house.  It has stayed together for a couple of weeks outside in this cold weather. I have what I need for St. Patrick’s Day…hmmmm Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July.  Ooooh, the ideas are starting to brew now.

Have you been crafty during this cold weather? Show me what you made.


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