Yippee! Toodledo!

I love lists. I make lists of the dishes for Thanksgiving that everyone will bringing. I make a list of everyone we buy Christmas gifts for. I have a standing list of what to pack for our annual beach vacation. And yes, i even make lists for things I need to do around the house. All the lists but the house list will be completely checked off. The house list is always a work in progress.

As you know I love paper for planners and lists, but I was introduced to this electronic list keeper called Toodledo (www.toodledo.com). It has a website and app for your mobile devices. Honestly, the website on my computer is better for creating new tasks with a lot of detail than the mobile app. But the mobile app is handy when out and about and I need a reminder of where I need to go or items to pick up.

You can add tasks and assign a due date, if it needs to be repeated and how often, and you can even create folders for the tasks and you can give it a number priority.

It also has tabs for Notes, Outlines, Lists and Habits. As I clean up my master bedroom I am finding many books that I have been meaning to read and haven’t done it yet. So in the notes section i will make a list of the books I am going to read this year.

The website and app are free – yay! And you can use it with as much detail as you want or just list tasks without a specific priority.

Toodledo has a look that appeals to me. I have tried lots of electronic list makers in the past and this one I keep coming back to this one over and over again. Maybe it will work for you.


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